A Message from the Staff

The uncertain future of Bandaids as a forum. by sam
Hi everyone.

It's with a extremely heavy heart to write this but it's only fair you guys are informed about what's going on - whether you agree or not, it needs to be said.

I will get to the point: this Forum may not be open for much longer. The simple gist of it is that many of the Staff are fed up with the abuse we get. I said it in the toxicity thread and I will say it again - it draws the Staff away. It is not acceptable to be spoken to as some members have been regardless of how they feel, it is not acceptable to recieve PM's that aren't respectful towards us that are harassing, entitled and incredibly toxic in nature.

The Staff don't have to deal with this - we are real people with our own thoughts, feelings and personal lives. We're all here because we have a great passion for Avril, her music and the community. But when things turn sour (even if it is from a small handful of people) it all adds up. It's now affecting our own lives - do you have any idea how frustrating it is to try and do something you love but be disrespected and accused of things you aren't? We havent ever attacked members to warrant this; but it all stems from decisions we make - and I am not saying you can't have an opinon. That's why this very board exsists. I have always said that you are welcome to contact us with any thoughts, concerns etc but that never happens - instead it's vitriol spewed out at us.

The reality is that without Staff, the forum cannot run. I am leaving the Staff soon because it's affecting me too much in my real life - In Wonderland is already gone. So the forum, at the moment, has a very uncertain future. We are not a very large staff team to begin with - and we respect that some may not want to join the Staff. We are currently considering making Bandaids soley social media rather than a forum, but there's no certainty at the moment.

This thread will remain open to maintain an open dialogue, but please, if you are going to vent anger please try and do so in a way thats at the very least constructive.

Thank you.